What we do is take care of all the team and individual needs of the clients we have.  From football, soccer, cheer, band, tennis, baseball, etc.  We cover all sports, music, and spirit groups around town.  We send the order forms with the coach/director a week before picture day and they hand them out to all of their players.  Once the order form is home and with the parents they will fill it out and send it back to the school/organization with their child.  Once we take the pictures we will process the orders and your photo memories will be back to you within 1-2 weeks.  If a parent is not able to order at the designated time we do let the children turn in the forms late to their coach/director, and we will go pick them up.  If still not able to order they may go here to our website and order, which we will ship directly to their home.   

While the moment attracts the attention of the subject in the picture, my goal is to hold their attention as well.  It is the perfection of the use of light, shadows, background, and color, combined with high resolution quality that will keep the client.  I make sure I approach each image with these principles in mind.
Today the photographic industry is in a wonderful transition.  Photographers can produce better quality and have more options to create new and exciting images, while the client can enjoy those same advancements and faster production.  Everybody wins.